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Be The Change You Wish To See in this World

- Gandhi


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I Alone Cannot Change The World, But I Can Cast a Stone Across the Waters to Create Many Ripples.

- Mother Theresa


Can it really be possible that this $7 dollar “Change Maker Mask” is worth over $7,000 dollars to you?

Yes, it can.

Truth be told.   IT'S ACTUALLY WORTH MORE THAN $70,000 DOLLARS TO YOU.  And if you stop to do the math, it's probably even worth more than $700,000 dollars to you too.

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Imagine yourself walking into your local grocery store because your family needs some milk and a refill on their favorite breakfast cereal - Cheerios.

You follow the bright lights & white tiles to pick up your 2% Milk, Skim Milk, or even your Dairy-Free Milk in the wall of refrigerators at the back of the store.
(they're always located on the back wall, aren't they?)

On your way to the back...

A woman glances at your brand new “Change Maker Mask” that you're wearing and does a DOUBLE TAKE because it's out of the ordinary and your mask clearly catches her attention.

You make eye contact with her.  Yet, nothing else transpires at that time.  So you grab your milk then proceed to cruise on over to the Cereal Aisle and grab your "Family Size" box of Cheerios.
With those 2 items in your cart, you've got everything you need to feed your family and see those great big smiles on their faces when you return home.  So, you head back to the front of the store to play everyone's favorite Grocery Store Game - " Which Checkout Line is the Fastest ?".

While standing in line, this same woman (who gave you the glance earlier) gets in the checkout line right behind you and makes eye contact again.
You look at her.  She looks at you.  Then after a moment of silence, she proceeds to politely say:


And -- *BOOM* -- you know what just happened, don't you?


She's just given you the opportunity to share with her about your Purpose-Driven Products, Purpose-Driven Professional Services, and even your Charity or Social Impact Project.

And you know what?

This is just 1 of 100's of scenarios that are going to happen to you once you grab your own "Change Maker Mask" and wear it in places where masks are requested/ required.
You see, with so many people struggling these days to enter into conversations with other people about what they're passionate about...

This is an "outside-the-box" option for you that's GUARANTEED to captivate people's attention (i.e. pique their curiosity) and then enter into friendly conversations with them.
Isn't it?

Of course it is.

And it's the one way that'll give you the opportunity to enter into REAL-WORLD & REAL-TIME conversations with Prospects, Prospective Partners, & even other Purpose-Driven People willing to volunteer to help you with your "Passion Project".

We here at Change Makers Worldwide™ are encouraging you to take action today by stepping up & standing out from your competition by showing the marketplace (and the whole world for that matter) that you're a "Change Maker" who prioritizes IMPACT over INCOME.
The beauty of prioritizing impacting other people's lives is that "word will get around" that you care about your clients and you'll make even more money from all the testimonials and referrals that you generate.

(which will place you in a position to MAKE MORE CONTRIBUTIONS TO CAUSES near and dear to your heart)


When you " Say it Loud & Say it Proud ", we believe you'll be rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing your family, your community, your clients & colleagues recognize that you made an effort to make a difference.

=======> "I'M A CHANGE MAKER" <========

Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem

- Albert Einstein


Have you ever stopped to consider that your SPENDING POWER may actually be a SUPER POWER?


Your every day purchases can actually change the world by creating a "Ripple of Impact" - one purchase at a time.


It's time to stop what you're doing and give it some serious consideration.

Because whether you know it or not, YOU'RE IN A POSITION OF POWER. And unless you harness that power to create positive change, it'll all go to waste. 
Jane Mosbacher Morris, author of " Buy The Change: Use Your Purchasing Power To Make The World A Better Place ", is dedicated to the mission of educating conscious consumers that you actually have more control than you think.


The more we read her book, the more we realized that she was outlining in detail what we here at Change Makers Worldwide™ have been PRACTICING & PREACHING for over a decade.

And today...

We believe it's in your best interest if we shed a little more light on this topic and showed you how it's more applicable to you and your business than you may have previously thought.


As you've probably already figured out, Jane encourages today's consumer to make more informed decisions about where you spend your hard-earned money BEFORE purchasing any products and/or services.

She believes that small shifts in your spending habits can literally change the world.  And we agree with her whole-heartedly.

Our belief of "doing good with our dollars" is built into our company's mission and we encourage our clients, colleagues, & community members to do the same.
Yet you may be still sitting there asking yourself, " I'm a Coach, Consultant, or Course Creator.  How does this relate to my business and why should I care about what I buy & where it comes from ? ".

That's a very valid question and (to find your answer) we encourage you to keep reading.

Because it's actually more applicable to your specific situation than you may have previously thought.
In her book, Jane states that society is increasingly talking about Political Activism & Civic Duty when it encourages people to vote. 


An important point we should never overlook is that we also get to vote every day with our wallets.

Yes, it's another way of ensuring that your voice is heard.
When you stop to give this topic the attention it deserves, you'll quickly realize that WE HELP SUPPORT THE TYPE OF WORLD WE WANT when we spend money on our groceries, our clothes, and all of our other purchases.


The profits from our purchases "provide" for the people that own/work for the companies we purchase from.  So, it's probably important to learn how THEY spend their time & money too, isn't it?


What may come as a complete surprise to you is that this scenario is even more relevant as it relates to your business buying decisions these days too!
(more on that in a moment)

For now, what we are simply suggesting is that if people believe America needs more Manufacturing Jobs, then it makes sense to make an extra effort to purchase more American-Made products.

Similarly, if people want to support Women’s Empowerment in Entrepreneurship, then it's probably practical for people to seek out Women-Owned businesses to support.
The point we're making right here right now is that these types of small actions can have a big impact.  In other words, our "Purchasing Potential" when unleashed is like an un-tapped & un-deniable "Purchasing Power".

Makes sense so far, doesn't it?


In her book " Buy The Change: Use Your Purchasing Power To Make The World A Better Place ", Jane brings to the reader's attention the concept of Ethical Employment and encourages people to support companies who treat other people with the respect & honor that they deserve.

Ethical Employment means that the people who made the products were paid decently and worked in safe conditions. It means they chose to work there and are NOT victims of human trafficking.
Who wouldn't want to support companies like this, right?

What people forget about is that there are a surprising number of products on shelves these days that were (unfortunately) made by forced labor by workers who were lured by the PEOPLE WHO RUN THOSE COMPANIES who may not share similar values & virtues to the consumer paying for the product and/or service.

Picture those people who profit off other people's pain right now.

They're certainly not someone whom you'd want to do business with (let alone hang out with), are they? 
Today’s growing supply chain TRANSPARENCY really empowers us to find out if the Human Beings who sewed your T-Shirts or picked your vegetables were employed ethically - or not.

It's for this reason that, here at Change Makers Worldwide™, we're proud that we paid for your "Change Maker Mask" so that you don't have to.
And we did so by helping men & women in Vietnam get out of poverty by supporting their entrepreneurial journey.  Yes, we believe in the powerful proverb " Give a Man a Fish, You Feed Him For a Day.  Teach a Man to Fish, You Feed Him for a Lifetime ".

Therefore, we not only sourced the premium-quality masks by supporting proud professional people who want to provide for their families...

On your confirmation page…

You’re about to learn how a large portion of our own profits go directly to supporting similar Social Impact Projects and Cause-Related Charities.
Now how does what we're talking about relate to you and your role within the Transformational Industry?

Think about it...

There are actually many parallels that could be pointed out from the paragraphs you just read.  However, in order to paint one powerful picture in your mind right now, let's pose one powerful question:
Would you rather use
(from a product or service you bought to help build your business)
to fund a Money-Driven Marketer who uses it to support their own self-centered desires?
Would you rather use
(from a product or service you bought to help build your business)
to fund a Mission-Driven Mentor who uses it to support causes that make the world better for all?


It's an uncomfortable truth.

And it's even more uncomfortable for us to be the ones who are forced to shine a light on this sad situation.


The Coaching, Consulting, & Course Creation industry has a serious problem and unless people start admitting it, then those same people can't be part of the solution.
(and they'll stay stuck as part of the problem)

When we look upon the landscape of this industry these days, we see a growing number of Money-Driven Marketers PREYING ON a growing number of Purpose-Driven Professionals.

The sad situation that has developed in recent months is you get groups of people with "good intentions" flooding into our industry who get surrounded by marketers with "not-so-good intentions" whose sole goal is to target & take advantage of them.
Here at Change Makers Worldwide™, we're standing up for those people with a purpose who want to use their Personal or Professional Experience to transform other people's lives. So, we're screaming from the rooftops:

" !! --- Somebody Needs To Do Something About This --- !! "

Maybe you've been feeling the same way about this sad situation for some time now?

And just maybe you've been searching for someone to STEP UP & SPEAK OUT against this sad state of affairs in which people, unfortunately, have looked the other way for far too long?

If you have, then it's important for you to keep reading right here right now.  Because your solution is in sight.

To no fault of their own...

Purpose-Driven Professionals are being pummeled with pitches from opportunists who are just OUT TO MAKE A BUCK off some unsuspecting soul and have little-to-no experience or longevity in the industry they're claiming to be part of.


You can't really blame them when all they see is "Hype & Hope" in their news feeds and inboxes every single day, can you?
However, the repercussions are real when people who consider themselves Messengers, Movement Makers, and Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs keep buying things from Money-Driven Marketers expecting different results from the last time they invested in one of their programs or professional services.

Have you heard the horror stories about good people burning through a good chunk of their operating expenses or (worse yet) their life-savings only to have absolutely NO RESULTS to show for it?
We're talking $10K, $20K, $30K, even $50K+ gone without feeling any closer to building a Profitable & Predictable Platform/ Practice.

It hurts us to hear about this type of heart-break especially when it affects the financial future and family lives of really good people.


This (yes this!) is a major cause of discontent & discouragement in our industry today and, quite frankly, WE'RE SHOCKED that people haven't banded together sooner to come up with a solution.
You've made it this far and you're curious why "bad things" are STILL happening to "good people", aren't you?

(as it relates to seeking solutions to their current business building challenges)


The simple fact is that, often times, heart-centered professionals & practitioners are choosing solutions being offered by a person who simply doesn't share a similar vision, values, & virtues with them (i.e. they're not the best fit).
You see...

Sometimes the person performing the purchasing of the program simply hasn't done enough of a "background check" on the person selling the program to see if they can respect & relate to them.

~ or ~

Sometimes the person selling the program is "just that good" at MANIPULATING someone else's emotions that it causes them to react in ways that may not have their own best interest in mind.

And when the person who purchased the program finally realizes what happened, they feel duped & degraded.
Another way of looking at this is that the "Mentee" is completely out of alignment with the "Method" that their "Mentor" is teaching them.

Or even worse...

Once the "Mentee" starts working with them, they learn that their "Mentor" is (in real-life) completely out of alignment with how they represented themselves prior to the purchase. 


No matter how hard someone who is Mission-Driven tries to make a Money-Driven Marketing Method work for them to build their business into a profitable & predictable platform or practice...

It's just not going to work for them and turn into a sustainable strategy because of the INNER CONFLICT that's caused in this specific situation.


We've spoken with 100's upon 100's of professionals and they've shared with us that they believe this is a major reason why they constantly feel overwhelmed and never seem to get any closer to increasing their own Impact, Influence, & Income.


It's important to add that it's (also) your body & soul telling you that something's not quite right.

So please don't overlook the importance of congruence/ in-congruence and compatibility/ in-compatibility when you're trying to figure out who your next mentor is.
Our primary point here is that Money-Driven Marketers are ALWAYS going to:

  • MONEY-DRIVEN MARKETERS - treat people like transactions
  • MONEY-DRIVEN MARKETERS - say anything to get your credit card number
  • MONEY-DRIVEN MARKETERS - never even notice you unless you pay a premium price
So if you don't like having Money-Driven Marketing Methods used upon you and if you don't want to learn these same Money-Driven Marketing Methods so that you can use them upon other people...


One could make a valid point to STOP paying attention to them and STOP purchasing their programs, couldn't they?

In the end...

We can't really stop these Money-Driven Marketers from TARGETING OUR TRIBE because it's not really our place to intervene in a way that causes conflict.  It's their choice to treat other people like transactions.

(just like it's our choice to respect relationships with real people)


In a world where the one who shouts the loudest gets the most attention...

We can band together in an attempt to make more noise to "drown them out" and ensure that our voice is heard so that Purpose-Driven Professionals realize they have an alternative solution to the same old sleazy stuff they've been seeing on their social media and in their email inboxes.


By the simple fact that you're reading this page right now...

You're actually taking part in the "Historic Announcement" of an idea whose time has come.


If the events of 2020 taught us anything, it's that THE OLD WAY OF DOING THINGS HAS RUN ITS COURSE and society is screaming out for someone to show them a "Better (more congruent) Way". 
To answer the call, we envision an entirely new "Economic Ecosystem" that can be simply summed up as...

The world's leading 🌎-- COMMUNITY OF CHANGE MAKERS --🌎 specifically designed to act as a catalyst for Collaboration, Co-Creation, and Conscious Consumerism to make as many "Ripples of Impact" as possible in the shortest amount of time.
In essence...

As the iconic Gandhi encouraged us to do...

We're ❌-- NOT --❌ just going to stand by when there is still so much positive progress that can be done.

Nor are we going to simply "say" that we're a Change Maker, Movement Maker, or even a Transformational Leader without actually doing something about it...

(like, sadly, so many people are doing these days!)
You see, what gives us a strong sense of pride here at Change Makers Worldwide™ is the fact that we have original
💡-- IDEAS --💡 that are always intended & incorporated with everyone's best interest in mind.

What makes us stand out in the shameful and/or shameless 🌊-- SEA OF SAMENESS --🌊 where everywhere you look there are "copycat coaches" & "copycat course creators" is the fact that we're taking Gandhi's manifesto literally by taking action towards - "Being The Change We Wish To See In This World".

(for today, for tomorrow, and for future generations)
Now you may be asking how?

For the last decade, we've un-apologetically & un-deniably embedded Philanthropy into our "Business DNA" to the point where everything we do and every business transaction we're involved in is tied to a philanthropic cause. 

We call this being a Philanthro-Preneur™.

And we describe it as someone who uses their business skills & business network to raise awareness and donations for causes that they believe in.
For example and for the last decade, if we chose to promote a product/ service to our community through our email newsletter, our company has ❌-- NOT --❌ accepted Affiliate Commissions.

These commissions/ referral fees have gone directly to charity.  

And we're proud that today many of our clients, colleagues, & community members are following our lead.

(and we encourage you to do the same)

You see...

What's unique and sets us apart is that we've always sought creative ways to 👫-- ENCOURAGE & EMPOWER --👫others to meet like-minded professionals so that they could cultivate real relationships with real people.

Over the last decade, we've hosted the following industry-recognized, invite-only experiences:



(the industry's first mastermind
that prioritizes Mission over Money & Impact over Income)
(playful parties for purpose-driven professionals that serve as unique fundraisers for charities)
(intimate experiences that focus
on the quality over the quantity
of the conversations)

In case you're curious if you'll be left out of all the fun, please don't worry.  We promise that you'll be extended a friendly invitation to "play in our sandbox" with us.

(Happy-Dance & High-Fives)


Our sole goal at Change Makers Worldwide™ is to constantly & consistently take steps towards cultivating real relationships with other 🔥🔥-- CHANGE MAKERS --🔥🔥 who share the same vision, values, & virtues.

(and if you want in, we'd love to have you too!)

So what are your next steps?

😃 --  We're happy you asked -- 😃

Our team is waiting here with open arms ready to serve & support you in following your own purpose-driven pathway to increased Impact, Influence, & Income.

If "our perspective" on how we believe business should be conducted today is similar to "your perspective" on how you believe business should be done today...

(because in your heart & soul you know it just feels right)


You know what to do, don't you?


You Don't Make Progress Standing on the Sidelines Whimpering & Complaining.
You Make Progress by Implementing Ideas.

- Shirley Chishom


For those with "Attention Deficit Disorder" that felt like scrolling to the bottom of the page right away to find out what we're offering you...

When you take action today, Abigail will send you your very own
 “Change Maker Mask” - FREE OF CHARGE

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If you act right now...

TR is going to WAIVE YOUR $197 ENROLLMENT FEE into his
very timely training called…

3 Massive Mistakes Most Change Makers Make
That Keep Them From Increasing Their Impact, Influence, & Income

(...and how to avoid them!)


All you have to do is cover the small $7 Shipping & Handling Fee
 and " The Garland Family " (TR, Ann, & Abigail) will cover all the rest.

We're here.  We're in your corner.  We're ready to serve & support
 and give you everything you need to succeed.

Never Underestimate The Power of One Pebble and It's Role in Making a Ripple of Impact

- TR Garland

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